Why is this Romance Novel Different?

Polly holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in Communications from Bethel University. She has experience working in the mental health field as well as personal experience caring for family members with disabilities.

As the story unfolds insights will be discovered through the use of psychological theory modeled in the character’s lives and struggles of faith represented in the plot…

Throughout its pages, the reader will gain a better understanding of addiction, mental health, redemption and how to find happiness in spite of life circumstances. The inner dialogue between the husband and wife in the book is thought provoking and gives insight into male and female communication differences. 

Basically, it is a “self-help” book within a novel and written in a style as if Frank Peretti and Danielle Steele collaborated. (Meant with all due respect to such accomplished writers with a first time novelist making such a comparison.) 

In “The Other Realm” the characters named Adversary, Depression, Regret, Anxiety, Shame and Seduction, bring to life the spiritual battle that is unseen.

You might want to read a sample chapter so you can see if my writing style aligns with your reading preferences. If you like what you find in these pages, chances are likely you’ll enjoy the full book.

Finally, this book is written to be shared. If you find its message inspiring, and would like to order in bulk quantity for your book club or other organization please contact me directly. polly@studio106.agency

I have to say, “yes.” I caught myself crying out loud. (I must have needed it.) I can’t wait to read your next book. Your writing truly draws an understanding of God’s love, redemption and compassion for the struggle of addiction.

A reader

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