About the Book

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All The Other Voices is a psychological romance that brings the reader inside the character’s heads to hear the thinking that influence their choices. It shows the journey each takes as they search for their own unique identities and purpose in life.

The main character is Marina James. She has a happily-ever-after plan for her life. To Marina it is about consciously building an image—her personal brand—so that she can  get what she wants in return from her life. But as Marina tries to balance the demands of work and family, silent voices plague her.

That is where the battle heightens and Marina deals with the past. Her integrity is questioned—her marriage, finances and promotion threatened. Life gets more complicated when a generational curse interferes and circumstances force her to face the family secret.

Throughout her journey, Marina discovers nothing really changes in the battlefield of her mind and the pursuit of happily ever after. Nothing changes, that is, unless a woman understands the voice of Truth and the power she holds within.

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