Inside Out

Personal branding is the idea of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. Success comes from self-packaging. You probably have a LinkedIn profile that highlights your education and professional accomplishments—your favorite life moments posted on Facebook. But, I’m not asking about your online presence—I’m talking about you. The person who IS the brand— inside—are you content? Or, privately,Continue reading “Inside Out”

3 Things You Can Do When Your Self Impression Doesn’t Match Your Personal Brand.

There are a lot of great resources that help professionals learn how to build a powerful brand that they can use as their competitive edge while searching for a job, advancing at work or with their own businesses. But what about when your self impression doesn’t match how you want others to see you? Here are threeContinue reading “3 Things You Can Do When Your Self Impression Doesn’t Match Your Personal Brand.”

How To Recognize Identity Theft

Have you ever tried to work in a job that doesn’t fit? I have. I would bet that just like me, you were miserable. Your caught in the cycle of trying to please others and feeling like you just don’t measure up. You know that pit in your stomach on Sunday night when you thoughtContinue reading “How To Recognize Identity Theft”

Walk In Your Strength

Building your personal brand is not about copying someone else’s brand. It is about figuring out who you are as a unique individual, discovering your passion and believing you have something to offer the world. It’s about identifying your strengths, acknowledging weak areas and being okay with not doing everything perfect. Think for a minuteContinue reading “Walk In Your Strength”

Relax. It Is Not About You.

In marketing, brand image is the impression of a product held by current or perspective customers. It is the picture created in the consumer’s mind whether real or imaginary of qualities and shortcomings. It is formed over time and is authenticated through the consumer’s direct experience. Similarly, your personal brand image will be the impression youContinue reading “Relax. It Is Not About You.”