3 Things You Can Do When Your Self Impression Doesn’t Match Your Personal Brand.

There are a lot of great resources that help professionals learn how to build a powerful brand that they can use as their competitive edge while searching for a job, advancing at work or with their own businesses. But what about when your self impression doesn’t match how you want others to see you?

Here are three things you can do to help yourself become more genuine with your personal brand.

  • Change your behavior. Is there factual basis for your belief? If so, is this something you can change? Write down a goal related to creating that change in your life. It doesn’t matter if you want to do it or believe you can pursue that goal or not. (That is a topic for another day.) Just right the goal so you know a concrete step to take. Write down what obstacles might be standing in your way of achieving that goal. Now right goals related to overcoming those obstacles. Continue until you have no obstacles.
  • Change your perspective.If you honestly cannot change the item on your list determine how you can use the “flaw” for good. We all have imperfections or things we mistakenly consider one, and often our greatest achievements come as a result. Write this in the form of a goal. (ie: if you see being short as a hindrance to being a leader, run for President of Short People of America.”
  • Change your belief.If there is no factual basis for the belief, what is the truth of the matter? Why do you think you believe something that is not true? Take some time to think it through. What is the source of your belief? Is it a random thought that you started to believe? Is it because someone else has that opinion of you? Is it because of past failure or guilt? Take time to identify the lies related to your belief and make a list, then write the truth next to it. Refer to this list to remind yourself to tell yourself the truth.

When your self-impression matches how you want others to perceive you, you’ve taken a big step in the development of an authentic brand image.

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